Ou então é apenas uma história muito mal contada

A ser como é contada, é surreal a brandura com que esta notícia do "I" trata o pugilista que, desagradado com a opinião (é mesmo isso que lá é descrito, uma opinião) de um utilizador do twitter, lhe faz uma perseguição à filme de terror. A história causou "muitos risos" (!!!) e, fazendo do perseguido perseguidor, enquadra estes casos noutros em que desportistas tinham sido ameaçados pelas redes sociais, quando o que aconteceu aqui foi algo mais parecido com o inverso. Se querem chamar a atenção para algo de verdadeiramente preocupante aqui falem da facilidade com que o pugilista conseguiu, a troco de dinheiro, a morada e foto do utilizador do twitter. Inquietante quando o jornal confunde, tão flagrantemente, o ladrão com o polícia.

O Guardian conta a história como ela parece ter sido, não chamando a atenção para nada. E parece que foi mais ou menos assim:

Boxer Curtis Woodhouse deals with Twitter troll

  1. @woodhousecurtis retire immediately cant even defend a pathetic little title you are a complete disgrace#awfulboxer
  2. @woodhousecurtis Whats funny u put so much effort in sacrificed all that time and failed to defend your mickey mouse title #wasteofspunk
  3. @kinkwadze @jimmyob88 ill give £1000 to anybody that provides me with address and picture of this man! knock knock!!
  4. @woodhousecurtis what u going to do knock me out like your last opponent ooops
  5. @kinkwadze @jimmyob88 james o brian, mount view road, you silly silly boy, see you really soon big boy@wit_xx
  6. @wit_xx @kinkwadze @jimmyob88 old jimmy has shit his pants and gone quite because we know where he lives! we are coming over for a brew
  7. @woodhousecurtis chill out pal i was only doing it so you would bite back it was only abit of harmless fun
  8. @woodhousecurtis @jimmyob88 @wit_xx haha I don't blame you! Silly boy has played with feathers now to get his arse tickled!
  9. just on my way to sheffield to have a little chat with a old friend, get the kettle on @jimmyob88 #boxing #football#sillysillyboy
  10. can somebody let me know what number it is?? i know its mount view road just need the number, ill send a pic when i arrive #boxing #football
  11. when i get on @jimmyob88 road ill send a picture of the road just to let you all know that im not messing about#keyboardwarrior #boxing
  12. @woodhousecurtis @wit_xx i was only joking about Didnt think you would be bothered thought you would take them as a joke
  13. @jimmyob88 @wit_xx to late for all that now jimmy, ive had enough of your mouth, ill be about 50 mins and you can have your say then
  14. sat nav says im 47 minutes away, im getting a hard on!!@jimmyob88
  15. @woodhousecurtis aka Liam Neeson!! Haha how on earth you managed to track that guy down is beyond me.#MakeHimPay
  16. can anybody give me his house number please? dm me if you dont want it out on twitter, ill be 10 mins #boxing#football
  17. @woodhousecurtis hahahahaha you are a mad man!!pop in gym and let us know how it goes!!#mrwoodhouseboxingsjohnrambo