Estamos onde estamos também porque, a certa altura, nos esquecemos de explicar de onde vem e para onde vai o dinheiro. Plágio bom

O Guardian testa os conhecimentos dos seus eleitores acerca do sistema fiscal britânico. Vale a pena fazer o teste, nem que seja para concluir o que começa a ser, cada vez menos, uma surpresa: que, em vez de corrigir, o sistema agrava as desigualdades (ver texto do jornal britânico que se reproduz abaixo). E por cá, não há edições online de jornais com vontade de plagiar a ideia?

"Nearly seven in ten people – 68% – of the 1,036 adults polled by The Equality Trust and Ipsos MORI, dramatically underestimate what the poorest pay in tax and wrongly believe the richest face the biggest tax burden.

In reality, households in the lowest 10% income group pay 43% of their income in tax, while average households and those in the highest 10% both pay just 35% – 8 percentage points less than those in the lowest 10%. Since 1986, the bottom 10% of households have paid a greater proportion of their income in tax than the middle and the top 10%.

People's inaccurate understanding of the tax system can be attributed to people's tendency to disproportionately focus on income tax, finds the report from the Equality Trust. Yet income tax constitutes only a small portion of the tax the bottom 10% pay.

The largest tax that affects households in the bottom 10% is VAT. The bottom 10% of households pay 11.6% of their total income in VAT, almost double the proportion of the average household and almost three times that paid by the top 10%.

Council tax affects the bottom 10% substantially more than the top 10%. These households pay over twice as much of their income in council tax as the average household and more than four times as much as the top 10%.

When asked about how to make the tax system fairer, on average, people said the poorest 10% should be taxed just 15% of their income, or 28% percentage points less than they currently are. They believe the richest 10% should be taxed 39%, or 4 percentage points more than now."

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